Hey there! I'm meg!

I am the photographer behind Loui Photography, the gal who’s dream is to make your big day a little more about Y O U, and lastly your personal stand-up comedian (only slightly kidding about that last one). As I’ve navigated through my photography career, it was the couples that stuck in my heart and I knew weddings were my future. There is something about capturing a couple when they are so in their feels that nothing else matters. Looking back at your photos, those memories and most importantly that deep joyous feeling will come rushing back.

Ok, let’s wipe our eyes and move forward! If I’m not working you will find me shaking my shoulders to Beyonce (yes that’s how I dance), playing tennis at one of the NE Minneapolis courts, or sitting on a patio with my dog & cat kicking my boyfriend’s butt at cribbage. When we really want to shake things up, we will hop in the car and take a road trip to the mountains. I prefer driving 15+ hours to fly 2 hours… if you ask me what happened to make me this way, I really don’t know!

All in all, I love to work hard when the moment calls for it, but I also love to be a complete goof and laugh so hard that sound no longer comes out of my mouth (this really happens, and thanks to Ben from high school for making sure I never forgot it). I am so thankful that you are here visiting my site and I hope we have the chance to make magic together, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! 



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Some of my fav things:


My zodiac sign:

Sagittarius all the way baby!


Go-to karaoke song:

Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf - I WILL burst out in song if this plays at your wedding


starbucks order:

Starbucks Double Shot on Ice. AKA a "shaken espresso"; but I am stuck in my ways ;)


my perfect sunday:

Walking about the house sipping coffee from my Nespresso, looking at the chores I said I would do the day before and still ignoring them.


Something on my bucketlist:

Okay hear me out, my boyfriend and I plan to retire early and want to go out with a friggin BANG. We want to take a cruise all throughout the world and relax day in, day out!


best place on earth:

This little town in Washington, Poulsbo. It’s a quaint little Norwegian town with the nicest people. I even randomly stepped into a tattoo parlor for some impulsive ink, and the shop was filled with absolute gems!

Kind words

Meg was amazing to work with! It was our first time getting professional photos taken and she made us feel so comfortable. The time flew by and we loved how intimate and romantic the photos turned out. 10/10 recommend!

-Emily & Benjamin


I understand it can be hard to get vulnerable, especially in front of the camera. When shooting with me, I can ensure a warm and welcoming environment that prioritizes you and your partner's comfort. I give you the space to get intimate with your partner and even allow you to pick how to interact with each other. Want some more silly and playful shots? You got it! Want some tender kisses and booty grabs? You got it! Whatever is more, your speed is what we will do!



Connection is one of the most important things when it comes to wedding photography. Not only is it important for you and your partner to feel connected. But it’s equally as important to connect with your photographer. Connecting with my clients on a personal level is so important to me. Not only does it build trust, but it also helps me serve you and your partner better! Long before your wedding date, we will sit down and get to know each other. We will bond over our love for pasta and Beyonce. Once we chat, we will meet for your engagement session. You already know me, so there is nothing to be afraid of. By your wedding date we will be best friends, I promise! 



I strive to bring intentionality through meaningful and deep conversations with my clients that place their relationship at the forefront of my brand. Each image I capture is taken with intentionality and precision. I will be there to capture the big moments and the itty bitty details you never even thought to capture.