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wedding photography but not as you know it.

Capturing intentional and soulful imagery

while helping you feel connected, 
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midwest based

Meg : your partner in this season of life

As a couple, you are unlike anyone else, and your wedding experience should follow that path. Storytelling is a driving force of why I love what I do and that is why I put so much love into the experience you have with me.

Each package is crafted for you to feel the all-inclusive experience, and to tell the story of your lives together. When working with me, you won't get a photographer who you speak to once before your big day. From our consultation, dinner & engagement session, to the wedding day and every moment in-between... I am your partner!

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The experience:

Connection -

Connection is one of the most important things when it comes to wedding photography. Not only is it important for you and your partner to feel connected. But it’s equally as important to connect with your photographer. Connecting with my clients on a personal level is so important to me. Not only does it build trust, but it also helps me serve you and your partner better! Long before your wedding date, we will sit down and get to know each other. We will bond over our love for pasta and Beyonce. Once we chat, we will meet for your engagement session. You already know me, so there is nothing to be afraid of. By your wedding date we will be best friends, I promise! 

Imtimacy -

I understand it can be hard to get vulnerable, especially in front of the camera. When shooting with me, I can ensure a warm and welcoming environment that prioritizes you and your partner's comfort. I give you the space to get intimate with your partner and even allow you to pick how to interact with each other. Want some more silly and playful shots? You got it! Want some tender kisses and booty grabs? You got it! Whatever is more, your speed is what we will do!

diversity -

Diversity, and inclusiveness are at the heart of my brand. My work is a reflection of the world and all the amazing people I meet. I proudly capture all love stories no matter who you are or what you’ve overcome.

Intentionality -

I strive to bring intentionality through meaningful and deep conversations with my clients that place their relationship at the forefront of my brand. Each image I capture is taken with intentionality and precision. I will be there to capture the big moments and the itty bitty details you never even thought to capture. 

Passion -

Although I have fun prompts, I always prep my couple for prompts that are intimate where honestly the prompt is to just breathe together. The fact that these two people found each other out of millions, is no coincidence, they are meant to be in that moment together… and I’m there to capture it.

"love how she was able to capture our love so intimately"

She gave us great direction throughout the session + has such a great eye for detail. I just love how she was able to capture our love so intimately, but without being super direct. I can't get over these photos, they're just so us. Meg captured our love perfectly - fun, lovey + crazy!!

-Iviee & kevin

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